Mary Stevens is the true Neu Ocean's Jirlie

Mary Stevens is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and experienced business administrator with extended management, business development and business improvement background.

Welcoming a New member at Neu Ocean is always the best part of our day. However, having Mary Stevens within the team is a remarkable event in our journey. She is there to be the true Jirlie of Neu Ocean.

She says, "As the reality of Covid-19 has firmly set in, it provides a real example of just how important Jirlie is to many businesses.

Today, you see just about many businesses using our business transformation solution to promote, engage and grow while social distancing and working from home.

It’s not too late to get yours transformed too. Let our experts, and powerful suite of tools help you along the way.

As a mother of two beautiful kids, I fully understand how you are feeling. You wish to have an access to all business aspects while keeping yourself and your beloved ones safe and healthy.

We will support you with an absolutely free consultancy and will turn your wish into reality. Just stay at home and throw your wish to Jirlie. As we used to say, she will set you one step ahead of the game."

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