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Incorporated in 2018 with its headquarters located in Canary Wharf, London, England, Neu Ocean is an information services provider specialized in web-based business tools, digital business transformation solutions, business automation and Internet of things equipped with artificial intelligence and other technologies.


At Neu Ocean, we enable access to business transformation for millions of people with various scales of business, as well as we invest in the development of our employees and partners. We are committed to continuously provide our customers with the best solutions. We are here to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers with convenient and attractive services and tools.


We empower entrepreneurs and freelancers to flourish, turn business Data into insights, invest at the scale of opportunities and resources and improve the lives of many. We are socially responsible. We support mini and micro size projects owners, provide quality virtual work environment and reduce businesses Carbone print.

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We are here to build a foundation of partnership between our companies and provide you with our commitment and dedication, bearing in mind the success of your corporate.

Do not work for your business, let it work for you.


Let our system do the work on your behalf in the background seamlessly and connect it all together in your business.

Empower your corporate, enhance your process and maximize your values to allow your business grow faster and smarter.


Get down to business by starting a conversation with your round-the-clock virtual assistant who speaks your language anywhere, anytime.

Access On The Go

Get an access to every aspect of your business through your handheld device- instantly and efficiently.​

Complete Business Management Solution

Aggrandize your selected modules using our one-of-a-kind business management system and have your business on the road to sustainable success.

Data Science Analytics

Get precise data analytics, aim for customer satisfaction and come down to business beneficial decisions.

Full Customer Service Experience

Expand your crew with our smart virtual assistant who can run the tasks on your behalf, keep the correct data and update you with reports in real time.

Unprecedented Integrity,

Impeccable Reliability

Long days and nights of brainstorming, software architecture and coding are behind the birth of Neu Ocean which we believe is taking the business world by storm, giving groundbreaking services that will benefit the people in the business.


We aim at enriching user’s experience by ease of use, design and launching advanced services and powerful tools; all done with passion and innovation.


We strive to expand access to more services, tools and features by offering the most comprehensive service portfolio.​

We are here to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers with convenient and attractive services and tools.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

The business transformation process is undergoing radical innovation with diversifying business needs and the advances in technology.


People in the business understand the importance of business transformation and the application of modern technologies in all business forms.