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Last Update: 09/06/2021



Company Name: Neu Ocean Ltd


Industry: Information Technology Services

Business Model: B2B2C

Business Activity: Digital Business Transformation


Founded: 2018




Start of Trading: 2021


Stage: MVP


Headcount 1-10


Skills Needed: All available


Incorporated: United Kingdom


Competition: Low


First startup by the founder / team: No


Scalable Product: Yes

Exit Strategy: No plan to Sell the business


(3yrs look ahead)


Revenue: £ 8,360,000.00
Total revenues after corporate tax


Profit: £ 4,610,000.00
Net profit after corporate tax


ROI: 222.9%
Return on Investment


Cash in hand: £ 177,350.00
While maintaining an adequate level of liquidity and securing funds for further enhancement, development and expansion.


Company Registration: 11708453 England and Wales

Company Formation: Private Limited by Shares

Latest Confirmation Statement: 13/12/2020

Latest Accounts Statement: 01/01/2021

£ 741.00


£ 7,410,000.00

£ 259,350.00

At the beginning of 2021, Neu Ocean was yet to start trading. Its board of directors prepared a comprehensive 3 years look ahead business plan and startup valuation report with the liaison of InstaVal DIFC, Dubai Based business consultant.


InstaVal,DIFC has been retained by Mr. Amir Negm to estimate the fair startup valuation of Neu Ocean Ltd on a marketable, controlling ownership basis as of the date of start trading. 

They estimated the fair startup valuation of Jirlie by Neu Ocean Ltd on a marketable, controlling ownership basis as of the date of start trading.

This valuation engagement was conducted in accordance with the International Valuation Standards and AICPA SSVS No. 1 and the result from this valuation engagement is expressed as a conclusion of startup valuation as it was performed under the premise of value in continued use relying upon the use of the standard market value.

For this purpose, startup valuation is defined as the process of calculating the value of a business at the time of startup including all intangible assets and business goodwill (pre-money valuation) which the subject business would change hands between a willing owner and a willing investor, neither being under a compulsion to conclude the transaction and both having full knowledge of all the relevant facts.

This is essentially identical to the market value basis as it is defined under the International Valuation Standards.

During the preparation of this valuation report, a site review of the subject business was conducted and the business financial statements were audited to assure that these financial statements are true and accurate.

Strategic Plan

Overview and Strategies

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 3.54.51 PM.png

Neu Ocean’s financial goals for the first 3 years of operation are projected in its financial plan.

Profitability is the most basic financial goal of every business, and so is Neu Ocean.


By launching Jirlie line of products, Neu Ocean aims at achieving return on investment (ROI) of 256.8% at £ 14,000,000.00 revenue in the first 3 years of launching, qualifying the business for listing on the London Stock Exchange.

The business at its very initial stage, is 90% owned by Amir Negm and 10% by Bahaa Abou Ghoush. The 90% held by Amir is intended to be reduced to 30% while the other 60% shall be distributed to 40% for the paid monies and 20% for the unpaid contributions happening prior to the product launch.